How to Jump4Trisomy

The Jump4Trisomy Awareness Challenge is designed to raise awareness of Trisomy and in doing so educate and inform. Be creative in your Jump4Trisomy and when you video is posted we ask that you follow these instructions. If we can be United in our message we will have a greater chance of being heard!

United we stand Trisomy Strong!

How to Jump4Trisomy:

Step 1. Make a video of any form of jumping you can do!

Step 2. Post your video along with the following information:

We are participating in the ‪#‎jump4trisomy‬ Awareness Challenge to help raise ‪#‎trisomyawareness‬ !

*I/7,000 live births in the USA have trisomy 18 and 1 /10,000 have trisomy 13

*About 5-8% of infants with trisomy 18 and 13 survive to one year, often without extraordinary measures.
Once a child is greater than a year, there is a 60% chance to live beyond 5 years.

*Cardiac defects are present in 90% of those born with trisomy 18 and 80% with trisomy 13; studies from Canada, the USA and Japan show approximately 90% were discharged to home following a cardiac repair.


*Early intervention, Special Education and therapies benefit these children and they do slowly achieve some milestones.

*SOFT has supported families of Trisomy 18, 13 and all related disorders for 35 years.

*The oldest adult known to Soft with Full Trisomy 18 lived 38 years, Full Trisomy 13 lived 35 years, and Trisomy 9p is 45.

*There are approximately 250 individuals older than age one living with Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13 in the US.

*Physician support in all stages of decision making is vital to parents for a successful partnership.

*Families desire medical provider’s understanding that every child is a valued member of their family and not simply a syndrome.

*Create a positive working partnership between families and physicians by avoiding phrases such as Incompatible with Life or Lethal Diagnosis.

*Online support groups are vital to connect families, access knowledge and lessen feelings of isolation.

Jump4Trisomy Awareness FB page:

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For support with a trisomy diagnosis or to make a donation go to

Step 3. Challenge others to Jump4Trisomy and help us raise awareness!
Be sure to post your video to the Jump4Trisomy page!

Step 4. Click this button and enter the Jump4Trisomy Awareness Challenge weekly drawing.


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