What a great example of “Choosing to Do Life.” While the obvious topic here is choosing to carry or not to carry a child with a known birth defect, disability or “incompatible with life” diagnosis to term it goes far beyond that. This great article dares to address the possibility that we may miss some of life’s greatest gifts because we “think” our way out of them. We create a thought world that overrides and in fact battles against the experience of life. How much of our life are we missing because of the noise in our head that is trying to control everything. What if, instead, we were to decide to Let it Be?

We as a society spend so much of our time trying to either control our world or perfect our world, what if we were to simply¬†allow life to unfold in all of its perfection. What if you were to stop struggling against the path that you are on? What if instead your were to embrace it, learn from it, grow from it and through that experience you will one day look in the mirror and meet again, for the first time, the incredible being known as You!…

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