Running4Trisomy “Get Outdoors” giveaway

Running4Trisomy “Get Outdoors” giveaway

Our First Giveaway Photo Contest is Underway!


What activities do you like to participate in outdoors?

What outdoor activities are you and your family not doing but would do if you had an adaptive piece of equipment for your child with trisomy?

We’re sure your little one would love to participate too!  However, we know that this can become expensive for our special kiddos. Running4Trisomy would like to help!

Please read all instructions before entering!

This Thanksgiving, Running4Trisomy will be giving away one piece of “outdoor gear.” This may be a running stroller, bicycle trailer, hiking backpack, or whatever is needed to help one little kiddo with Trisomy get outdoors with their family. (If we raise enough donations during this time…we may just give away 2!!)

For entries, please share a photo of your little one with Trisomy. Share a bit about what you need and what you would like to do with it. Please also share your child’s Trisomy diagnosis with us. Then, please share the contest, and like and share the Running4Trisomy page with everyone you can to help us raise awareness about these amazing children!

Photo entries will be accepted through November 15th, and voting will be open until November 22nd. After voting closes, the judging panel will contact the winner to make arrangements.

*** Winner will be decided based on votes, story, need and judges’ decision – maximum giveaway value approximately $800.

Qualifications to enter:

Child entered must have a Trisomy diagnosis (include diagnosis and age in your entry)

Family must be a member of S.O.F.T. (Support Organization for Trisomy) to win.
Click here to check your S.O.F.T. membership status  or  Click here to register with S.O.F.T


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